The Future Preacher

My wife, Annie, had the opportunity to serve at the orphanage in the Dominican Republic for several years. During those trips, she got to know many of the boys, especially one named Paco. He was found abandoned in a park as a young boy and has special needs. Once Annie and I got married, I also had the opportunity to go to the DR with the High School Ministry (HSM) students.

I always look forward to seeing Paco. One thing Paco loves to do is preach. He would love to be a preacher. He walks around the orphanage preaching to the chickens or just to himself. One time he even wanted me to preach and he would translate it. The love he has for God is great and he wants to share that.

Paco’s speech is not clear. He is difficult to understand (especially for me since I don’t speak Spanish). Even though hardly anyone understands Paco, we love hearing him preach! I bet he is giving great sermons. I cannot wait till that day when I can understand him in heaven!

~ Doug Molhoek

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